MRO Data Excellence FAQs

What is MRO Data Excellence?

MRO Data Excellence is all about ensuring that the quality of your MRO materials database meets certain defined standards and having the required processes and tools to maintain MRO data quality in the long term. Some of the main pillars of MRO Data Excellence are:

  • MRO Data Strategy: An organization-wide strategy that focuses on MRO Data and includes stakeholders from supply chain, inventory, procurement, warehouse, logistics, maintenance, and reliability functions. The strategy would define standards, processes, data blueprint, taxonomy and training.
  • A golden MRO database: An accurate, complete, updated, and classified MRO database of all the MRO/ indirect materials / spare parts. The most important activities to achieve accurate MRO data are cleansing, enrichment & classification, and plant walkdowns if needed.
  • MRO Data Governance (MDG): Implementation of a comprehensive MDG program to manage MRO data in the long run, including – specialized tools, expertise, processes, and good knowledge of ERP, EAM, CMMS systems where the data will be housed.

A managed MRO Data Excellence program by OptimizeMRO provides a combination of all three via dedicated MRO data experts and a cloud-based data governance platform Partlinq MDG™.

What is the importance of an MRO Data Excellence program?

All organizations strive to improve operational efficiencies across functions, and with an efficient MRO data excellence program, they can improve and optimize key aspects of business operations:

  • Improve Supply Chain efficiencies, enhance spend analytics
  • Manage inventory better, reduce overstock and optimize suppliers
  • Improve plant maintenance and reliability by ensuring the right part is available at the right time
  • Reduce procurement costs, improve bottomline

In the past two decades, OptimizeMRO has successfully implemented and managing MRO data excellence programs for various industries such as Oil & Gas, Food & Beverages, Pharma, Mining, and Manufacturing.

How to identify if your company needs an MRO data excellence program?

The best method to assess the need is to conduct an MRO data audit, which will gives you insights into the problems that exist, how it affects your business and provides a roadmap for what can be done to resolve the issues and maintain data quality. OptimizeMRO has conducted several such audits for clients over the last many years, to help them develop a holistic ROI-driven strategy for MRO data quality.

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