Bridging the Talent Gap

Talent shortage and resource availability have been a major challenge in the US, since the COVID-19 pandemic. It has become increasingly difficult for employers to find qualified candidates to fill job vacancies within their organizations. Today, companies are finding it tough to find the skilled resources to fill the “talent gap.”

Talent shortage or vacant positions invariably lead to missed or delayed achievement of goals, as projects and initiatives get delayed. The non-availability of right skilled resources also results in quality issues, budget overshoots and drop in overall organizational performance.

A recent survey conducted by leading consulting firm, ManpowerGroup found that 69% of employers across the globe are finding it difficult to fill open positions on a regular basis. As per report by another global consulting firm, Adecco Group claims that 32% of Billion-dollar manufacturers in the US, estimate that they will lose over $100 MN as Baby Boomers retire over next five or so years, since the younger generations are looking for work outside of construction, manufacturing and engineering industries.

Skill shortage? We’ve got you covered!

We provide organizations with a permanent solution to the skill gap and talent shortage, by providing a skilled team, that can support you in meeting organizational objectives. Apart from the resources, you also benefit from access to our suite of specialized tools, processes and industry best practices, developed over the 20+ years we have been in business.

We have options to provide a team that is remotely located, or at your site / office.

Some of the functional areas and roles for which we provide on-demand talent are:

Typical Roles
  • Sourcing Specialists
  • Buyers
  • Expeditors
  • Data Analysts
  • Data Science Professionals
  • Maintenance Planners
  • Field Engineers

We serve a wide range of clients, from across industries such as mining, manufacturing, food and beverages, pharmaceuticals and energy.

Some of the projects that we have been engaged in recently include:

  • Create /update Asset Registry and Hierarchy
  • P&ID Redline Markups
  • Consulting and strategic advisory
  • ERP Master Data Cleansing
  • Physical Inventory Verification – Crib Crawls / Walkdowns
  • Asset BoM Building
  • Plant Maintenance Scheduling
  • Data migration (For EAM / ERP / CMMS)
  • And many more…
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