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Optimize MRO Inventory | Enhance Plant Reliability

Watch how we leverage Master Data Excellence to provide comprehensive, modular and industry specific solutions, to improve spend analytics, reduce MRO overheads and increase plant reliability.

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Smart Solutions

Achieve quick wins and significant savings across your MRO supply chain aided by real-time spend visibility

The most challenging aspect of the MRO supply chain optimization is its complexity and sheer volume. Availability of right spares & MRO materials, inventory spend visibility, identifying surplus and obsolete items are some of the various challenges of the supply chain. Our smart MRO solutions simplify inventory optimization and uplift supply chain excellence for asset-intensive organizations.

State-of-the-art platform for MRO Data Excellence


Data Cleansing | Data Enrichment | Data Governance

An innovative technology platform built on strong MRO commodity expertise and decades of experience, that delivers complete solutions for MRO data cleansing, classification, enrichment and ongoing governance.

Leverage the power of your MRO data to optimize inventory and ensure availability of the right part at the right time. achieve quick ROI from improved plant reliability and higher levels of supply chain efficiency.

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    What's your role?

    Each stakeholder in an asset-intensive organization faces unique challenges and our smart solutions are tailored to meet individual and organizational objectives.

    • CEO
      CEO / CFO
    • CIO
    • Plant Operation
      VP Plant Operations
    • Supply Chain
      VP Supply Chain
    • Planet Maintence
      Director – Plant Maintenance
    • Warehouse
      Warehouse Manager

    Data driven accurate business decisions and strategy implementation

    • Reduction in procurement and inventory costs
    • Crystal clear insights into inventory and assets
    • Accurate and usable spend analytics reports
    • Improved plant uptime and reliability
    • Asset utilization and lifecycle reports

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    Smart systems and real-time data availability

    • Error-free, real-time and smart reporting
    • Efficient spend analytics
    • Reduced cost of transactions & improved transactional reliability
    • Seamless integration of data across systems and locations
    • Synergetic functioning of multiple functional groups

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    Uptime, Efficiency, ROI on Capital investments

    • Improve asset utilization (Overall Equipment Effectiveness – OEE)
    • Optimize the MRO inventory and supply chain
    • Efficient asset life cycle management
    • Improve plant uptime and production scheduling efficiency
    • Adherence workplace safety compliance

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    Improved MRO supply chain efficiency

    • Optimize the MRO parts inventory
    • Gain visibility on the supply chain spend
    • Reduce the cost of procurement
    • Minimize supply chain transactional costs
    • Reduce stockout situations and ad hoc purchases
    • Consolidate vendors

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    Plant and equipment reliability

    • Accurate hierarchical BOMs for all equipment
    • Identification of critical spare parts
    • Efficient Spares Interchangeability Record (SPIR) management
    • High spare parts inventory accuracy
    • No duplicate or wrong spare parts
    • Adherence to a planned preventive maintenance schedule
    • Reduced mean time to repair (MTTR)

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    Better visibility of MRO inventory

    • Identify Excess inventory & Undocumented inventory
    • Reduce Transactions failure
    • Reduce parts locating (search) time
    • Improve time to issue parts to maintenance personnel
    • Reduce obsolescence
    • Avoid false stock outs

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