SPIR Services

What is a spir? The primary objective to have a SPIR Services, is to support organizations on the inventory level needed. Typically, where one item can be used across multiple assets or equipment. Some of the answers program and project managers will seek are:

  • Stock an item or not
  • Number of items ideal to order at any given time
  • Timing to release a new order

OptimizeMRO works with organizations to achieve this objective. However, we begin with a consulting phase where we engage with the key stakeholders and educate them on the approach. This is crucial as the input data is critical for the success of creating SPIR services accurately. The levels at which the data is categorized from a project to equipment to parts. Let’s take for instance construction of a manufacturing unit, either the entire unit or a subsection. In this case, each project involves a large number of equipment, and associated with each equipment are a number of parts, and this can be in the thousands. Each of these levels contains various types of information. For instance, some can be asked one time and utilized across the project.

The SPIR data that will contain:
  • A complete itemized sectional drawing of each item
  • A parts list that is detailed for each item cross-referenced with the itemized sectional drawing and referenced to equipment
  • Manufacturer’s data sheets relevant to equipment listed
  • Complete descriptions of equipment listed, such as sizes, ratings and colors
  • Upon delivery the documentation that accompanies the spare part shall include:
    • Material Certificates
    • Data Sheets (where applicable)
    • Certification as required for the original equipment
Sample of a SPIR
SPIR - Spare Interchangeability Record Sample
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