Oil & Gas

MRO for Oil and Gas Industry

One of the most asset-intensive organizations where the performance of the assets are very critical for the uninterrupted operations. To Maintain MRO for Oil & Gas Industry In A Reliable And Safe Manner, It Is Essential To Have The Right Critical Spares And Materials Available When Needed, Both During Planned And Unplanned Maintenance. Engineering and Maintenance teams are under tremendous pressure to reduce budget, labor, and operating costs while increasing production levels.

Oil and Gas

The Management expects 100 % uptime of assets and >98% OEE. The complexity and variety of industry-specific equipment, OEM equipment without proper BOMs make their task more challenging.

OptimizeMRO Expert services can help to create Functional BOM hierarchy with Critical spares stock strategy along with Asset register and SPIR. Our services ensure the availability of the right spares for the planned and unplanned maintenance. Our connected maintenance solutions provide real-time visibility on the performance of the assets to the engineering and maintenance team.

Our services are available to clients in the oil & gas, power, water, and renewable energy sectors. OptimizeMRO’s services have been utilized by clients from these segments for process engineering, piping layout, pipe stress analysis, mechanical design, civil and structural engineering, electrical & instrumentation control engineering, and procurement engineering. As well as greenfield projects, such as the erection and commissioning of new plants, OptimizeMRO has undertaken brownfield projects for capacity expansion, upgrades, and other such needs.

With OptimizeMRO’s exclusive MRO team, clients can reduce MRO procurement costs and material carrying costs by reducing MRO procurement costs. Bringing efficiency to the supply chain also minimizes downtime, which is crucial for the energy sector. In addition to offering comprehensive MRO Management services, OptimizeMRO can handle issues in the ERP Material Master, identify inventory levels, reduce inventory costs, and optimize processes.

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