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We have been working with clients for over 22 years and developed extensive expertise in MRO Procurement Services processes. We have also developed in-house tools to address various parts of the process, to improve the level of automation, accuracy, and efficiency in the system. The right combination of technology and process rigor is what has really enabled our success in this space. Indirect maintenance, repair, and operation (MRO) spending is known as MRO purchasing.

We provide comprehensive procurement support services to ensure your direct and indirect materials are delivered on time and as required. We help you improve your routine procurement engine so you can focus more on your core business operations.

With our procurement team’s support, you will be able to ensure materials are delivered on time and optimize overhead costs. This will ensure the operation is as lean and efficient as possible. In addition to a wide variety of ERP systems, such as SAP, Oracle, Infor, and Maximo, our mro purchase specialists have experience working with suppliers around the world.

Our capabilities in Procurement Support

  • Strategic Sourcing:
    Strategic sourcing provides for continuous improvement and re-evaluation of purchasing activities of organizations with high volume mro purchase from suppliers across the globe. We help organizations establish a more strategic sourcing focus through comprehensive sourcing support. In addition, we provide tactical sourcing services such as identifying alternative suppliers and evaluating equivalent alternative parts.
  • Procure-to-Pay (P2P):
    Using sourcing, category management, and strong procurement expertise, we connect people, processes, data, and technology to deliver procurement digital transformation. Our procure-to-pay outsourcing services help you drive maximum efficiency across all your P2P processes – from order to payment.
  • Procurement Cost Reduction:
    The goal for every organization is to intelligently reduce costs without creating an unforeseen risk. Every company has opportunities for optimizing procurement and inventory costs in order to reduce MRO costs. You only need to identify them, uncover them, and implement changes fast enough to deliver tangible savings. We enable you to reduce costs and improve bottom-lines for you with effective procurement cost reduction strategies.
  • Procurement Risk Mitigation:
    The scope of Procurement Risk Mitigation services is wide-ranging, and it could include anything from supply chain management, contract negotiation, supplier selection, vendor evaluation and assessment, vendor management, strategic sourcing and supplier compliance. Our procurement specialists help asset-intensive organization to mitigate the risk of procurement reducing possibilities of failures in the supply chain, and by helping companies to manage their supply chain process more effectively.
  • Procurement Consulting:
    Implementing a robust procurement process is the most demanding responsibility, and it’s difficult for an organization to keep up with the many different changes that can happen in an industry. Our Procurement consultants provide expertise on how to manage the different aspects of the procurement process, from sourcing goods and services, to managing contracts, and even how best to use technology.
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