Smart MRO solutions for various Industries


Efficient performance of assets is very crucial for uninterrupted plant operations in the asset-intensive organizations. Engineering and Maintenance teams are under tremendous pressure to reduce budget, labor, and operating costs while increasing production levels. The Management expects 100% uptime of assets and >98% OEE. The complexity and variety of industry-specific equipment, OEM equipment without proper BOMs make their task more challenging. OptimizeMRO Expert services can help to create Functional and Equipment BOM hierarchy with Critical spares, stocking strategy along with Asset register and SPIR. Our services ensure the availability of the right spares for the planned and unplanned maintenance.

Our exclusive solutions include:

  • Asset life cycle management
  • Automated work order management
  • Maintenance scheduling
  • Real-time asset performance monitoring
  • Spare parts master data modeling
  • Support accurate spend analytics
  • Efficient procurement and warehouse management process
  • Error-free inventory categorization and stocking
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