Mining industries are the most asset-intensive industry, in order to enhance their competitiveness, they need to maximize operational efficiency by rationalizing and optimizing their asset management related decision-making practice. Also, they must ensure operations are managed in a safe and secure environment.

The process complexity in the Mining industries and custom-built equipment makes the asset management more difficult. Connected maintenance management solutions help the mining industry to manage the asset better. The system-wise BOM hierarchy and standardized spare parts data master ensures optimal inventory and also brings high supply chain efficiency. Our Asset management solutions provide real-time visibility to even remote equipment, asset life cycle management, maintenance scheduling and automated work order management

Asset-intensive industries such as mining require reliability, safety, compliance, and operational efficiency to increase ROI without compromising critical elements. OptimizeMRO provides solutions to mining companies to reduce costs associated with managing MRO materials data, to optimize the supply chain, to increase asset performance, and to increase plant reliability.

Data-driven cost optimization is becoming increasingly important as markets become more competitive, particularly for inventory management and strategic sourcing. It is common for ERP systems or EAM/CMMS systems to have poor, unreliable, and inconsistent data quality. The Materials Master or Asset Register often have quality issues, and spare parts BOMs for equipment are often lacking. As a result, maintenance programs are weak, spare parts supply is unreliable, procurement and maintenance costs are high, and supply chain efficiency is unknown.

We have deep expertise in MRO solutions, including supply chain, maintenance, reliability, and operations in the mining industry. With years of experience working with leading mining companies, our strategy team has valuable insights into industry best practices and how to improve efficiency.

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