Key Elements of an Effective Procurement Strategy

What is a Procurement Strategy? A procurement strategy is a method that is defined to

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MRO Spare parts
Impact of Inventory Planning on Asset Optimization

Asset optimization reduces downtime and provides maximum production. Read to know the importance of inventory

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BOM Building In Enhancing Maintenance And Reliability
Role of BOM Building in Enhancing Maintenance and Reliability

Detailed BOM building helps manufacturing units enhance reliability and maintenance. BOMs (Bills of Materials) for

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major benefits of predictive maintenance
Benefits of Predictive Maintenance and its impact on asset performance

An efficient predictive maintenance plan assists maintenance engineers to predict the threat of future failures

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Developing A Spare Parts Stocking Strategy, Where Do You Begin?

Why do you need a spare parts stocking strategy? Take a look at your data,

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Supply Chain Optimization
Supply Chain risk management – Proactive Approach

As we stand at the end of 2020 and look back, the changes and improvements

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Importance of MRO for the Food and Beverage Industry

Think about it! All your cereals, baked beans, packed meats, read-to-eat noodles, chocolates, ice-creams, coffee,

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What is Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) System and how does it benefit your organization?

Managing the physical assets for any organization holds a lot of importance because better health

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Potential impact on companies due to supplier reliability post COVID-19

With the dawn on COVID 19, the critical question companies ask is – ‘what could

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effective plant maintenance
CMMS in Facility Management

Advantages of a Computerized Maintenance Management System in Facility Management Efficient facility maintenance will make

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