Benefits of Procure-to-Pay automation

What is Procure-to-Pay? In simple terms, it refers to combining the Purchase and Account Pay

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Master Data Governance with Partlinq
Master Data Governance with Partlinq MDG

Any asset-intensive organization is heavily involved in day-to-day process of buying, storing, shifting to different

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The Future Of Global Supply Chain Management
The future of global supply chain management

A true example of how supply chain disruptions can emerge quickly and dramatically was in

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Supply Chain Optimization
What are the most important Supply Chain KPIs?

Nobody can deny that the supply chain is the backbone of every business today, and

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effective plant maintenance
Importance of Asset Register in MRO Data Excellence

MRO Master Data Management refers to a practice adopted by procurement and maintenance teams in

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Strategic Sourcing and its need for Asset Intensive Organizations

Globalization, technological and digital disruptions, cut-throat competition, political and economic volatility, etc. have transformed sourcing

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MRO Data Standardization for Enriching your Business

Plant Managers of manufacturing, processing and asset-intensive industries require accurate and comprehensive asset master data

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Data Management
Importance of SPEND ANALYSIS in Optimizing your MRO Materials

What is Spend Analysis? In simple words, Spend Analysis is a process of categorizing the

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All you need to know about MRO Category Management

What is MRO Category Management? MRO Category Management is a strategic process of grouping MRO

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Key Elements of an Effective Procurement Strategy

What is a Procurement Strategy? The procurement strategy is a method that is defined to

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