Raising cost of drug development, reduced patent protection, and stringent regulation initiatives by FDA, are the major global challenges of pharma companies. Effective asset management is one of the key elements to be addressed in the pharmaceutical industry.

Unlike other industrial maintenance managers of a pharmaceutical industry must meet the requirements set forth by regulatory agencies like FDA, if not the organization has to face severe consequences like fines, plant closings, and lost revenue.

Asset performance management is very important and becomes a part of organizations’ strategic planning in the pharmaceutical industry. Being a heavily regulated industry a robust computerized asset performance management system is a must that provides real-time visibility into the state of their assets, spare parts, and processes across all locations. This visibility reduces repetitive work orders, unnecessary purchasing, and can help for successful FDA inspections. Our asset management and supply chain optimization services help to automate maintenance, procurement, and support services. The automation helps error-free asset performance monitoring maintenance scheduling, work order management, procurement process further enhances planning and forecasting accuracy. The accurate data helps to comply with the regulations.

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