MRO Data Governance FAQs

What is MRO Data Governance?

Data Quality & Governance-MRO Data Governance is a combination of tools, processes, policies, rules, and standards for stakeholders in asset-intensive organizations to manage the data entry of new materials, spares parts, and assets into ERP or EAM / CMMS systems.

Why do I need MRO Data Governance?

If you have regular new part additions into your ERP or EAM system, is it essential to have a good MRO Data Governance system in place. Without MDG, different users will input data into the system as per their own preferences, creating data anomalies, missing information, mistakes and inconsistencies. A robust Master Data Governance (MDG) platform like Enventure’s Partlinq™ MDG is used to add new parts, identify duplicates and create new catalog parts.

How do I implement MRO Data Governance?

MRO Data Governance involves – tools, processes and policies, built around a base data taxonomy and dictionary. Any deficiency if one of these will not yield in a successful MRO Data Governance program. At OptimizeMRO, we enable organizations to implement MRO Data Governance by providing guidance on the procedures and policies, implementing a suitable taxonomy and provisioning the Partlinq™ MDG platform that enables enforcement of data governance rules and delivers a fully managed solution for MDG.

How do I stop worrying about MRO data quality and governance?

A well-established definition of data standards, right from the classification schema to defining critical attributes and Units of Measure (UOM) is the most important base for ensuring data quality and governance in the long-term. Beyond that, it is ideal to have tools in place that will enable you to enforce the defined data governance rules and ensure that only qualified and trained catalogers are adding new items. Enventure’s Partlinq™ MDG is a managed solution that combines all these aspects and can ensure that you no longer worry about data quality maintenance.

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