Plant Walkdown

Our comprehensive plant walkdown services include an expert team that carries out the onsite work, supported by a remote team that can efficiently process the data captured by the onsite team. Operationally, we manage these processes in parallel on multiple shifts, enabling us to reduce turnaround times to do Enterprise Asset Management

Often organizations are in situations where they have data in their systems or records, that do not match with ground reality. Also, the data inside systems may not have enough information to identify the parts. These gaps may be due to multiple reasons such as – plant layout being different in drawing vs. actual, equipment listed in P&ID not matching what is at the plant, materials data in systems being different from what is available, part is not updated accurately inside the system.

We are uniquely positioned to solve these problems, as we have a combination of expertise in Engineering, Master Data Management, Maintenance and Enterprise Asset Management.

Some of the steps we take as part of the Plant walkdown services are:
Onsite Team
  • Review P&IDs redline markup variances
  • Capture data on assets on the ground
  • Compare EAM/CMMS data with physical assets
  • Review for plant layout changes
  • Physically verify the parts and Identify the missing information
Offsite Team
  • Update P&IDs
  • Update asset register
  • Enrich and classify data in the system
  • Cross reference data from different systems (ERP, EAM etc.) and synchronize with walkdown inputs.
Key benefits to clients:
  • Reliable maintenance plans
  • Improved visibility into plant operations
  • Optimized inventory levels
  • Increased wrench time
  • Compliance to OSHA guidelines for safety
  • Better organized plant and storeroom
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