Importance of Master Data Governance

Importance of Master Data Governance, As master data is accessed, updated and managed by different people across multiple locations, the data is prone to get corrupted over time, very rapidly. The lack of a defined set of data governance rules or a mechanism to enforce the rules can make it a real challenge to maintain data quality. While a onetime clean-up can get your data in good shape, MDG is the answer for the question: ‘How do I keep my data clean?’

A well-structured MRO Master Data Governance (MDG) solution can ensure uniformity in data that is managed across the different systems in the organization. The data may relate to purchased items such as MRO materials, asset registers, equipment information, vendor information or any other such information that is critical for the organization.

Our MRO Master Data Governance solution, powered by our Partlinq MDG® platform, enables clients to implement a sustainable data quality program that ensures accuracy and consistency, without creating delays or unnecessary process or cost overheads.

Advantages of our MDG program

  • Our MDG program ensures data quality does not deteriorate over time. Without MDG, data you may have cleansed or enriched once, significantly reduces in quality over time.
  • Maintaining data quality internally takes a lot of training, learning and can take up a lot of time and money, all of which can be avoided with our managed MDG solution.
  • One of the major issues related to data management is having duplicate data, which can be eliminated with our MDG program.
  • Technology is key to ensure that data governance rules are followed, which is efficiently provided by our cloud based Partlinq MDG® platform.

Continuous monitoring and systematic management of data quality improves the quality of reporting, in turn leading to dependable information that helps in making important business decisions. Various departments in an organization rely on different interconnected datapoints for their routine functions, and MDG ensures the uniformity, accuracy, integrity, consistency and dependability of master data in an ERP or EAM system.

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