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What's your role?

Each stakeholder in an asset-intensive organization faces unique challenges and our smart solutions are tailored to meet individual and organizational objectives.

  • CEO
    CEO / CFO
  • CIO
  • Plant Operation
    VP Plant Operations
  • Supply Chain
    VP Supply Chain
  • Planet Maintence
    Director – Plant Maintenance
  • Warehouse
    Warehouse Manager

Data driven accurate business decisions and strategy implementation

  • Reduction in procurement and inventory costs
  • Crystal clear insights into inventory and assets
  • Accurate and usable spend analytics reports
  • Improved plant uptime and reliability
  • Asset utilization and lifecycle reports

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Smart systems and real-time data availability

  • Error-free, real-time and smart reporting
  • Efficient spend analytics
  • Reduced cost of transactions & improved transactional reliability
  • Seamless integration of data across systems and locations
  • Synergetic functioning of multiple functional groups

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Uptime, Efficiency, ROI on Capital investments

  • Improve asset utilization (Overall Equipment Effectiveness – OEE)
  • Optimize the MRO inventory and supply chain
  • Efficient asset life cycle management
  • Improve plant uptime and production scheduling efficiency
  • Adherence workplace safety compliance

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Improved MRO supply chain efficiency

  • Optimize the MRO parts inventory
  • Gain visibility on the supply chain spend
  • Reduce the cost of procurement
  • Minimize supply chain transactional costs
  • Reduce stockout situations and ad hoc purchases
  • Consolidate vendors

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Plant and equipment reliability

  • Accurate hierarchical BOMs for all equipment
  • Identification of critical spare parts
  • Efficient Spares Interchangeability Record (SPIR) management
  • High spare parts inventory accuracy
  • No duplicate or wrong spare parts
  • Adherence to a planned preventive maintenance schedule
  • Reduced mean time to repair (MTTR)

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Better visibility of MRO inventory

  • Identify Excess inventory & Undocumented inventory
  • Reduce Transactions failure
  • Reduce parts locating (search) time
  • Improve time to issue parts to maintenance personnel
  • Reduce obsolescence
  • Avoid false stock outs

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