eCl@ss Classification

OptimizeMRO has extensive experience in implementing Data Classification/ eCl@ss Classification for a wide range of industries including Healthcare, Pharmaceuticals, Manufacturing, Oil and Gas, Mining etc.

OptimizeMRO provides electronic cataloging services to assist manufacturers and distributors comply with the eCl@ss standard while updating and maintaining their catalogs. We also provide a mapping of other classification systems such as UNSPSC, to eCl@ss, for clients who have been using other taxonomies, but are now migrating to eCl@ss.

With an excellent understanding of the eCl@ss standard, our team spends time with each client to understand their product categories and efficiently implement the eCl@ss standard.

Our services include:

  • eCl@ss consulting
  • Implementation of eCl@ss across datasets
  • eCl@ss to UNSPSC mapping
  • Ongoing support services
  • Master Data Governance, and more!

Benefits of eClass Classfication

The eCl@ss classification system is based on a hierarchical grouping of products and services. The basic structure of eCl@ss is: (1) Segments (2) Main groups (3) Groups (4) Commodity Classes (5) Properties of description of products and services, standard sets of properties and keywords

Implementation of the eCl@ss standard offers a number of benefits, such as

  • A standardised category structure for products and services
  • All products, materials (direct & indirect) and services are covered
  • e-procurement processes are efficiently connected
  • Easier integration between different systems
  • Accurate analytics and reporting

The eCl@ss Classification Structure

eCl@ss is a worldwide reference-data standard for classification and unambiguous description of products, materials and services maintained by eCl@ss e.V. association. eCl@ss is an ISO/IEC compliant industry standard and can be implemented in eCommerce, Product Information Management (PIM) systems, as well as with materials and services, to group similar materials together. It also allows search based on keywords and is available in English and German, and has been partially translated in several languages such as French, Turkish, Chinese, Spanish, Czech and others.

With eCl@ss, product master data can be digitally exchanged seamlessly across industries, countries, languages and organizations.

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