UNSPSC to eClass Classification Mapping

UNSPSC to eClass mapping service

Most product manufacturers and suppliers use industry-standard unspsc classification systems to categorize products and materials, which can then be used to exchange product data across ERP, PIM, or EAM / CMMS systems. This makes distribution or exchange product information seamless across the supply chain and integrates e-commerce for manufacturers, distributors and customers.

But if a supplier and a buyer are using two different classification systems, the integration of the product catalogs and classification schema can be a real challenge. OptimizeMRO provides services to map classifications from one taxonomy to a different classification system. The taxonomy can be any industry standard one or a custom schema developed by a company – we handle all types of mapping.

One of the most commonly requested mappings is from UNSPSC to eCl@ss, or vice versa, as these two taxonomies are quite popular across industries. Mapping the classifications accurately enables manufacturers and distributors to manage and integrate their product data quickly and meet the needs of a broader range of companies in their upstream or downstream supply chain.

A very important element in unspsc classification to eClass mapping is identifying the correct class for the material, which often is done incorrectly when people try automated methods.

To perform the data mapping to either classification systems, it is important to analyze each material group intelligently, to identify common description segments and patterns for synonymity. OptimizeMRO has a very well-defined unspsc classification to eClass mapping system, that addresses the mapping activity with interconnected phases and helps identify product data sequentially.

With OptimizeMRO’s UNSPSC to eClass mapping service, companies gain multiple benefits:

  • Seamlessly integration of data between systems and stakeholders
  • PIM database / product catalogs that are compatible to multiple markets
  • Ability to meet customer specific classification requirements efficiently
  • Easy exchange of catalog information across the supply chain
  • Quicker e-commerce implementation and EDI integration
  • Improve cross referencing and search capabilities

With several classification mapping projects completed, we have developed systems, processes and tools that make the mapping fast, reliable and cost-effective.

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