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MRO Data Cleansing & Standardization Services

If someone tells us they don’t have a data quality problem – well, we tell them to look again!

Our engagements with clients over the last two decades have shown us that almost every organization struggles with bad data.

In process industries, the issue is largely with their MRO/indirect materials data, and their issues are typically, varying combinations of MRO Data issues

We specialize in providing reliable, high-quality MRO material data to clients. Our services include basic cleansing to full-fledged enrichment, standardization and include commodity classification to standards like UNSPSC or ecl@ss, as needed.

We have a very large and constantly growing MRO materials master library, which has been built up over the years, covering over 5000 commodities from across industries such as mining, pharma, oil & gas, food & beverage etc. The parts library has been standardized and enriched and serves as a reference database for all of our data services.

Our data cleansing and enrichment service excels in every aspect since it is a combination of proprietary tools, AI based technology, a solid reference database, domain expertise and robust processes that we have built up over the years. With this combination we deliver the highest level of efficiency, accuracy and speed, thereby enabling organizations to meet their objectives, on time and within budgets.

Here is an example of legacy and enriched data:

Poor vs Enriched Data - OptimizeMRO

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