Expediting Process FAQs/ Expeditor tracking

How does Expediting help an organization?

Implementing an efficient Expeditor tracking helps track shipments, ensure delivery milestones are met, secure proof of delivery, improve supplier relationships and cut unnecessary delays in order processing and delivery.

How can I measure the Expeditor tracking performance?

There are many measurable metrics, for expediting, such as:

  • Number of ontime deliveries
  • Cost of order processing delays
  • Meantime to respond to a request
  • Number of successful expedites
  • Item supply risk level

How can a good expeditor order improve Supplier Relationships?

As Expediting Orders work closely works with suppliers in resolving order issues/queries, the Expediting Orders acts as the first point of contact in addressing issues faced by the supplier, and ultimately ensuring shipments happen as per schedule, as well as ensuring invoice, PO and payment reconciliations happen efficiently, which is essential for the supplier to receive payments on time.

Can Expeditor Order support supplier rating programs, if so how?

Yes, Expeditors have constant contact with suppliers and can analyze and rank the supplier on a variety of parameters, such as – On-Time delivery, Responsiveness, Customer service, Technical competence and Reliability, to name a few.

Does an effective Expeditor tracking create any direct savings?

Implementing an effective Expediting Orders ensure materials are made available at the right time at the right place. Being unable to do so can cause significant costs, due to – unexpected plant downtimes, project plans going haywire, reduced plant reliability, disruption in supply to market, loss of clients and so on.

What are focus areas in an Expeditor tracking?

With a large number of suppliers and a high number of Purchase Orders being issued, the major focus areas in expediting process are – Order status tracking, Order confirmations, Proof of delivery, Due dates tracking and resolution of gaps to ensure seamless integration between the buyer and the supply base.

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