Supplier Onboarding / Vendor Onboarding Process

A successful supplier onboarding selection and vendor onboarding process is essential for organizations to overcome the challenges in Risk and Compliance, supply delays, material defects, and pricing strategy. With the multilayer supply chain that is typical today, organizations need to ensure that their supply base is reliable, and that required verification has been done to confirm that.

OptimizeMRO provides comprehensive supplier onboarding/ Vendor onboarding services, to ensure that organizations can follow a well-structured and reliable process while bringing on a new supplier. The service also extends to periodic revalidation and refresh of supplier information to ensure the data is current and up-to-date.

Our expert team can help you with a successful vendor onboarding process, in many ways:
  • Selection and pre–qualification of vendors, per organizational policies and guidelines
  • Source important datapoints from Suppliers, such as revenue, quality certifications, key contacts etc.
  • Collect documentation from vendors, as per vendor onboarding guidelines
  • Analysis of Risk and Compliance of vendors
  • Collect and catalog information on products being supplied
  • Contract review, covering aspects like Pricing, Requirements match analysis, Payment terms
  • Vendor evaluation and optimization based on spend analytics
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