Master Data Governance with Partlinq MDG

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Any asset-intensive organization is heavily involved in day-to-day process of buying, storing, shifting to different locations, and replacing materials on a regular basis. All these activities are captured by the company’s ERP system. Many organizations use ERP systems to track and monitor these activities but lack knowledge about Master Data Governance.

The efficient data governance practice ensures that the material data is utilized effectively in achieving an organization’s goals. It consists of defining robust processes, roles, policies, and standards. However, even though the company’s master data is cleaned and standardized each year, data governance is a must to ensure the proper data enters the ERP system with every new addition.

Without a proper Governance platform, the users do not have enough opportunities to check, whether the required material code / description or a different part / alternate part already exists in the system.

OptimizeMRO provides tailored master data governance recommendations with Partlinq MDG®, a tool that can integrate with any ERP system to help deliver the highest standards of data governance. Depending on end-user requirements, the MDG platform is highly customizable to match functionality, process, and structure of any organization. The Partlinq MDG® offers options to manage all the mandatory and critical fields, options, data checks can be implemented according to the needs.

As for daily requirements, users can raise a request in the Partlinq MDG platform, and once the creator receives the request, the system will check whether duplicate material already exists. If it does, information is sent to the creator, and if it does not, the creator can proceed with the Item. If necessary, the creator can enrich and standardize the data before submitting the item. The document will then be sent to the approver for a final level of review based on the requirements. After the approver has approved, the material will be directly integrated with the ERP system. This data can now be used to raise a purchase request within the applicable ERP system by the Requestor.

The Partlinq MDG® works similarly to any other global governance tool. In addition, it is secure, provides workflow management and data standardization options with multilingual facilities. As a managed service options, the MRO data in the platform can be monitored by the data catalogers and experts for extreme quality and accuracy. MRO data stakeholders can easily manage all material additions to the ERP System daily, with proper description and procurement information. The data inputs can be verified and enriched using predefined workflows as an MDM standard at the organization level. Standard description of the material is generated and translated into different languages, if required.

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