Role of BOM Building in Enhancing Maintenance and Reliability

BOM Building In Enhancing Maintenance And Reliability

Detailed BOM building helps manufacturing units enhance reliability and maintenance. BOMs (Bills of Materials) for equipment and assets helps maintenance engineers identify the right spare parts requirements for preventive and breakdown maintenance.

A well structed asset BoM will:

  • Help you to identify the right spares
  • Ensure that you never run out of critical stocks
  • Optimize the procurement process
  • Conduct more meaningful and accurate comparisons
  • Increase your maintenance and reliability metrics, etc.
In all probability, you have already spent a lot of time and money finding the correlation of your equipment uptime to availability MRO spares. You are struggling to minimize downtime. The fear of breakdowns and faults, and whether or not you will be able to deal with them effectively, keeps you on the edge. Just like the managers of all other asset-heavy industries, you are also worried about your maintenance plans; what if you can’t rely on them when the need arises?

Optimal Maintenance and Reliability with BOM Building

To enjoy optimal results, reliability groups, maintenance, procurement, and storeroom operations have to work in sync with each other. For instance, they should aim to get real-time and accurate information about the criticality of spares. With this in view, companies are opting for multi-level equipment BOM services to build hierarchical equipment and asset BOMs. The act allows access to reliable details and specifications about products, maintenance, procurement and engineering.

Plant Benefits of BOM Building and Management

  • You will find it easy to increase uptime and reduce repeat failures with higher quality repairs. You need not reuse the worn-out parts if you have the relevant spares in hand; this also reduces the chances of equipment breakdown.
  • Detailed BOMs are helpful for rebuilding equipment rapidly and more reliably.
  • Experts in BOM research can build accurate equipment documentation, installation manuals exploded-view drawings and other critical information. Their findings are invaluable for technicians and assist them in their jobs.
  • BOMs are useful for collaborating with suppliers. They detail reliable information related to equipment upgrades and improvements.
  • Managers depend on BOMs to reduce production loss and downtime. They can prevent major breakdowns and resource outflows by having the right spares and parts in hand.
  • Comprehensive BOMs empower maintenance departments to take care of more equipment repairs in-house, thereby decreasing the expenditure on repairs.
  • The entire BOM build process consolidates relationships with suppliers. It fuels upgrades, OEM commercialization and standardization.
  • Once you know which items are critical or non-critical, it is easy to update the CMMS system and order the relevant parts in good time.

Leverage BOM Benefits – Reduce costs | Enhance efficiency | Improve Reliability

The inclusion of equipment BOMs in your strategies brings multiple benefits. Along with improved reliability and reduced time (and efforts) for maintenance activities, you can enjoy better breakdown response capabilities. Additionally, you can be assured of the timely availability of critical parts and spares. You may want to understand your spares consumption patterns and MRO inventory levels by talking to a BOM specialist. Gear up to optimize your orders and equipment maintenance costs with industry-specific BOM solutions, today.
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