Understanding the Critical Need for Regular Data Cleansing

Understanding the Critical Need for Regular Data Cleansing
In the realm of MRO (Maintenance, Repair, and Operations) terms, data cleansing serves as a pivotal process for standardizing and normalizing existing inventory data within an ERP system. This transformation results in consistent, industry-standard descriptions, thereby shedding light on unwanted items and the surplus of identical items scattered across various operating plants and warehouse locations.

Once the inventory data has undergone thorough cleansing, industries must embark on a mission to validate and manage excessive duplicate items while optimizing stock allocation. This entails consolidating such items into a central warehouse and eliminating redundant records within the system. This strategic approach not only curtails inventory costs but also facilitates technician’s access to critical parts and reordering necessities.

However, the data cleansing journey doesn’t conclude with this inventory overhaul. It necessitates ongoing governance. The adoption of a centralized approach for every new item requirement becomes imperative. Failure to do so increases the risk of erroneous and inconsistent record creation creeping back into the system.

In any industry, the transition of material control or purchasing responsibilities to a new technician or engineer, despite their familiarity with standards and procedures, can lead to a divergence in material descriptions. These individuals often favor descriptions that are more comprehensible to the layperson. For example, a material like “BEARING, BALL, LINEAR: 12MM; 19MM; 28MM; STL,” which already exists in the system, might be recreated as “BALL BEARING, 12MM ID, 19MM OD, 28MM W.” This can result in the proliferation of duplicate records, with different descriptions. Some engineers might even incorporate reference numbers or supplier part numbers to enhance their understanding, further complicating the inventory landscape.

Furthermore, the ever-evolving nature of manufacturing introduces additional challenges. Manufacturers frequently discontinue products and release new replacement parts. Some alter their part number series at regular intervals, while others phase out certain spare parts due to the discontinuation of the corresponding machines or equipment.

To maintain an accurate, error-free, and duplicate-free inventory that can be procured as needed, regular data cleansing is not just beneficial but essential. It ensures that outdated part numbers are updated, material descriptions align with the latest standards and regulations, and your inventory remains accurate and streamlined.

At OptimizeMRO, we leverage the expertise of highly experienced MRO professionals to cleanse and enrich inventory data. This results in the creation of standardized, uniform item descriptions, mapping to the latest UNSPSC classification, and validation and updating of part numbers and manufacturers, effectively eliminating duplicate inventory. To maintain control over stocks, inventory, and procurement costs, industries must commit to data cleansing.

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