MRO Data Audit FAQs

What is an MRO data audit?

An MRO Data Auditing analyzes various datapoints within supply chain, procurement, inventory, warehouse, and logistics, to assess:

  • key data quality problems, like duplicates, missing part information, poor descriptions, wrong classifications etc.
  • parts obsolescence issues, criticality, risk levels
  • which all MRO parts can be cleansed, and which ones enriched
  • data governance systems in place, rank plants, warehouses, stores based on defined parameters
  • identify causes of data quality problems

Why do a data audit?

Three of the top reasons why an organization should do a data audit are:

  • Leadership insight: To bring visibility to leadership on the MRO data issues that may be affecting operational expenses, spend analytics, procurement, supply chain, warehouse and overall pushing up costs.
  • Understand the issues: To get a deeper understanding of the exact issues in the MRO inventory data, how widespread the issue is and how it affects / costs the business.
  • IT implementation: Prior to implementation of an ERP or EAM system or migrating to a new one, it is always a good idea to do an audit, so you can assess the health of the MRO database before consolidating parts, assets and catalogs, so you can leverage the true power of an ERP or EAM / CMMS system like SAP, Maximo, Oracle, JDE

How long does it take to audit data?

We take 1 to 4 weeks to do an audit, depending on the volume of data, number of data points to be analyzed, completeness of available data and the objectives to be met. We then conduct a workshop or meeting, to review the results and recommendations with key functional groups in an organization.

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