Data Audit

The MRO Data Audit Analysis is the first and very important MRO Services to assess a company’s data quality and it’s fitness for a given purpose. We conduct the Data Audit as a multilayered discovery process, involving different stakeholders, to take a deep dive into the dataset.

The key steps of the process are:

  • Identify business pain points
  • Acquire and analyze material and vendor data
  • Segregate the data based on quality and nature of issues
  • Identify corrective and preventive steps needed
  • Develop a report with findings and recommendations

The Audit will provide answers to questions such as:

  • How bad is the data?
  • What are the main problems?
  • How is bad data affecting the business?
  • How can the issues be resolved?
  • How can you prevent bad data from entering the systems?
Key Data Quality Metrics
Data Quality Metrics

OptimizeMRO’s proprietary MRO data audit methodology enables effective data analysis, leading to accurate findings and powerful insights. A scientific and statistical analysis of the MRO Material Master data sample can identify the error types, patterns, and trends that affect the broader set of MRO spare parts data. Apart from identifying issues, the analysis can also unravel the underlying causes for the data quality problems.

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As part of an initial Data Audit, we review your Vendor Master, to identify issues and provide customized solutions to resolve duplicate, incorrect, inconsistent or obsolete vendor information. Very often, we also find that vendor classifications such as NAICS codes are missing, which limits the ability to develop a comprehensive supplier portfolio and makes vendor consolidation a big challenge.

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