MRO Data Audit Methodology

To implement an effective MRO material master data management program, organizations should first know the existing issues in the MRO database, that may be affecting business operations. A scientific and statistical analysis of the MRO Material Master data sample can identify the error types, patterns, and trends that affect the broader set of MRO spare parts data. Apart from identifying issues, the analysis can also unravel the underlying causes for the MRO Data Audit Methodology quality problems.

OptimizeMRO’s proprietary MRO data auditing methodology enables effective data analysis, leading to accurate findings and powerful insights.

Key features of MRO data audit methodology?

  • Proven statistical sampling technique
  • Custom built approach for MRO spare parts inventory
  • Very accurate predictive model
  • Brings out all types of data quality issues
  • Deep insights, Intelligent reports
  • Recommendations for corrective and preventive measures

What are the parts data analysis brings out key data quality information, relating to problems?

  • Duplicate line items5g
  • Wrong item names, classifications, descriptions
  • Inconsistent information, across multiple datapoints
  • Missing information, such as
    • Manufacturer/Supplier Name
    • Part number
    • Critical attributes
    • Units of Measure (UoM)
    • Adequate part descriptions

The Data Audit is your first step to implementing a high quality material master database, and implementation of a reliable data governance program. The audit gives you the ability to understand the problem from a data expert’s viewpoint, the cost to business and review options to fix the issues, as well as prevent data quality erosion in the future.

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