MRO Data Enrichment FAQs

What is MRO data enrichment?

MRO data enrichment means updating MRO material data records with accurate, complete, consistent and classified information. Any ERP, CMMS or EAM system that stores MRO materials requires key information on the MRO parts – like part number, manufacturer/vendor name, noun, noun-modifier, classifications, descriptions etc. By doing MRO data enrichment, companies can ensure that such data within their system is clean, accurate, deduplicated and reliable, so it can serve as a data backbone for key functions such as supply chain, Improve Data Accuracy, maintenance and operations.

Why should MRO data be enriched?

Enriched MRO data helps reduce operational costs relating to – maintenance, procurement, warehousing, and logistics functions. The benefits for an organization also extend to improved plant reliability and enhanced supply chain efficiency, which are crucial for any company. A typical maintenance professional is known to spend nearly 20 – 30% of their time just searching for the right spare part! Or in many companies, procurement realizes that they are buying parts, which are already in stock because they never realized the existence of duplicates. Enriched data enables the organization to truly leverage the power of their ERP or EAM system and derive intelligence for business decisions.

How is data enriched?

The data enrichment services has several systematic steps that need specialized tools to make it efficient and domain experts who understand MRO items used in industries such as mining, oil & gas, food & beverages, utilities etc. OptimizeMRO employs a robust data enrichment process combined with an AI-based proprietary tool Partlinq™, that Improve Data Accuracy, de-duplication, and speed of delivery.

Is data enrichment system or tool dependent?

The data enrichment process is more or less the same, independent of the ERP or EAM system. But there are variances in data specifications for each ERP or EAM / CMMS system, such as – Maximo, SAP, Dynamics GP, Dynamics, 365, MVP, Infor, Profit 21, Oracle, JDE, or others. Our experience in managing data enrichment services across multiple platforms helps us ensure that the output is aligned to system requirements.

How to keep the MRO Material Master clean forever, after cleaning it one time?

A good Master Data Governance (MDG) system can ensure that MRO data stays clean over time, preventing users from corrupting data or adding new parts which do not meet data governance guidelines. Enventure’s Partlinq™ MDG is a cloud-based master data governance platform that can be customized and integrated with any system, to provide a managed solution for data governance.

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